Grey’s Anatomy 16.03 Episode Review

You guys. I have been excited for this episode since they announced that Holly and Alyssa were going to be in it. I used to watch Charmed with my mom when it was still on the air, and I was giddy when I found out they were guest-starring as sisters. I don’t want to say anything review-ish here, but I will say that I was not at all disappointed with this mini-reunion between my favorite magical sisters.

Season 16, Episode 3: Reunited (written by Andy Reaser & directed by Michael Medico)

“In the earliest days of medicine––we’re going back thousands of years––doctors spoke of healing as a reunion. When we close a patient, connect severed tendons, repair a liver, we’re just reuniting the tissue. Restoring what was there before the illness. Ideally, it’s a happy reunion. But things get tricky when we fail to make the right connection. Or worse, when we reunite two things that were best kept apart.” – Meredith Grey

You want to know what I immediately noticed in this episode? I’m pretty sure George O’Malley was in it! For real! The footage that kicked off the episode looked an awful lot like the footage from season 3, episode 7 when the guys all went camping. Anyway. That isn’t really relevant to the review I’m trying to write, but I had to mention it. So, let’s get going!

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 7.19.14 AM
Image via ABC

Jackson and Vic. How do you guys feel about it? Because I kind of like them. I know we’ve hardly even seen them together, but so far, their dynamic is really playful and fun.

I know a lot of you are really upset about this new pairing and are super loyal to Maggie and Jackson as a couple, but I’m really enjoying watching Jackson and Vic get to know each other. A lot of people are also upset that they (Jackson and Vic) both seemed to move on so fast, but I’m really not. Part of me thinks I don’t get super attached to couples (or upset when they move on) because I want to write for TV. Don’t get me wrong, there are couples I love and want to last forever and couples I really don’t. But what I’m saying is this: I understand that the drama has to be there and I never expect anyone to stay together. I enjoy (or don’t) couples while I can and prepare myself for the moment they’re both with other people or one of them is dead. Because I know the odds are that it’s coming.

Both Jackson and Vic had super complicated relationships that just ended, so I don’t think something easy and fun is a bad thing for either one of them. Maggie and Jackson exploded and things are not good between them right now… at all. Vic had to keep her relationship with Ripley a secret for so long on Station 19, and by the time people figured it out, he died. Am I surprised Vic seems so okay? A little. But I’m sure we will see more of her fighting with the two emotions––having just lost someone she really loved and the possibility of finding someone new––in the future. I have a feeling that will be a major theme for her when Station 19 comes back on.

I also love the fact that Jackson seems to have met his match when it comes to the level of outdoors-y. Also, Vic moved a freaking tree. Like a badass. And that exam room scene? Hot damn. Honestly, I really expected Maggie to walk by the door when that was going on, and thank god she didn’t. That would have been a mess.

But what is Maggie up to? Oh, you know, just knowing everybody’s business again. Why is it that she’s always the one to know somebody’s pregnant? First Teddy and now Amelia? At least this time she’s keeping the secret FOR Amelia and not FROM her. That’s a plus.

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 10.37.56 AM
Image via ABC

Maybe it’s a good thing she’s got something good to distract her from thinking about just how livid she is at Jackson. Not that she’s forgetting about him… oh no. She’s dreaming about him. In the dream, she’s putting herself up against Vic. Comparing herself to her. Vic is the “hot firefighter” mascot, Jackson is on the football team, and Maggie is just… in middle school.  She’s creating scenarios where Jackson picks someone “better” than her. And I’m really not into that. I get why she’s doing it, but I hate seeing her do this to herself. And I really don’t want it to come between her and Vic, because I think they could actually be friends. Also, I think it would be kind of shitty to see two badass, amazing black women hating each other because of a guy… so there’s that.

Maggie is so insecure when it comes to her dating life. At work, she sees herself as totally capable and one of the best there is. But when it comes to dating? I think she assumes people see her the same way they did in school: too young, too weird, and super awkward. You know what I’d LOVE to see? Maggie in therapy. I think if she sits down and really revisits her younger self and starts to change the way she looks at herself, she would be so much happier in all areas of her life. I think everyone would benefit from therapy, but Maggie’s self-image issues would be something really amazing to watch her work through on TV. Imagine all the young kids watching who may see themselves reflected? And to see her actively working to learn to love herself? That would be a really powerful thing. I would have loved to see something like that when I was 15.

tenorSpeaking of therapy, Jo is doing so well since coming back to work! Do I think we’ve seen the last bout of dark and twisty for her? No. But right now, she is absolutely killing it. She’s a full-fledged attending now, and I just noticed that she’s the first doctor since Meredith’s class that we’ve seen go from intern to attending. She didn’t die before throwing on the navy scrubs. I feel like this is cause for celebration, don’t you? 

When Jo goes in to round on her patient, the first thing I did was squeal. Because it was Chessy! We got Charmed AND The Parent Trap in this episode! The second thing I did was laugh because Cheesy-but-not was zero percent interested in having anyone else but Meredith Grey do her surgery. I laughed because I knew that Jo could, without a doubt, perform the surgery and also because I figured she’d find a way to get Meredith in that OR.

Meredith and Andrew - car
Image via ABC

Before I get to the surgery, though, let me talk about what’s going on with Meredith right now. She’s so flustered and annoyed. It’s delightful. I love the dichotomy between the seriousness of the insurance issue and the lightheartedness with which they’re treating Mer’s community service. It’s fun without downplaying the root of the problem. And the car scene with Meredith and Andrew? So cute! I loved how Mer was basically pitching article titles to Andrew, who was more than happy to listen to them. It’s also funny that Mer is living vicariously through him, even though his days at work aren’t much better than hers on the side of the road. I think this whole insurance fraud thing is making them a stronger couple, actually. 

Also, please tell me you all recognized the hat she’s got on. That is one of my favorite episodes ever. I’ve been holding out for another baseball episode for years now and I’m not giving up on the dream anytime soon. I’m willing it into existence.

Back to Chessy. I mean Shirley. She came to Grey Sloan for Meredith Grey to operate on her. Remember in the last review, I talked about how people come to that hospital for her? Now we’re seeing it. Shirley would rather roll the dice than have someone else operate on her. So what does Jo do? She makes it happen because she’s a warrior queen. (You’re welcome, CamillaLNews.) She gets Meredith into that OR come hell or high water. So Meredith is doing roadside FaceTime surgery now.

hang up.png
Image via ABC

Dr. Bailey was still hostile and basically ignored Meredith the entire time, but I felt like it was progress. Until she literally hung up on her. Did you catch the face Meredith made when it happened? It kind of broke my heart. Her entire career, Meredith has looked up to Bailey. She wants to impress her. I also think Mer desperately wants Bailey to be proud of her. Not because she needs the affirmation, but because she’s been with her for so long. Bailey raised her from a baby surgeon to one of the best in the country. And disappointing her is the last thing Meredith ever wanted to do. She can’t regret what she did, but I do think that she wishes with everything she’s got that Bailey would be on her side. In season 9, when Bailey was dealing with all that CDC stuff, Meredith said to Jackson that they “stand by [their] doctors” and I get the vibe that that’s what she wants now. Everyone is standing by her except the woman she learned so much from. Of course that hurts.

Just like it hurts Bailey to watch her baby break a rule so big she’s basically left no option but to fire her.

And then we’ve got Quadri, who is saying everything I’ve been saying since the first episode of the season. And then what happens? She gets fired, too. I did not see that one coming at all. But the little speech she gave to Bailey was pretty badass and ballsy, wasn’t it?

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 12.03.07 PM
Image via ABC

“I put everything into matching here. Into working with her. And you fired her… We didn’t come her for Dr. Koracick or Karev or Avery, Dr. Bailey. We didn’t come here for you. We all had our choice in programs but we picked this one––I picked this one––and it wasn’t to watch Meredith Grey on a TV screen.” – Dahlia Quadri


Let’s talk about something happier. Like Bertie and Soyoung seeing each other again after 60 years apart. That was so. pure. I almost couldn’t handle it. I picked up pretty instantly that they knew each other because Bertie was pretty insistent that Maggie not use his full name, and then this random lady is wandering around saying “bird.” I didn’t expect some epically amazing and heartbreaking love story, though. But I’m glad that’s what we got.

Image via ABC

If you read my last review, you should remember (seeing as I just got it up Thursday) that I talked about Amelia and Link choosing to go for this having a baby thing because they didn’t want to have something so big to regret. That theory was verified in this episode. Bertie and Soyoung listened to their fear instead of leaping into the possibility of something amazing, and even though Amelia had already made her decision when she met them, I do think they kind of solidified it as the right choice in her mind. After she and Maggie hear their story, Amelia tells Link that “they had something good and they let it go because it scared them. And they spent the next six decades regretting it.”

So now she’s leaning all the way in. And that means telling people about the baby. I loved the scene with Amelia, Link, Meredith, and Andrew. Double dates, please? Anyway. Amelia just blurts it out, which I kind of expected from her, and Meredith literally jumps up with excitement. Squeal included. Did NOT expect that. Not that I thought she wouldn’t be happy, but that’s a lot of peppy for Meredith. Whatever. It was a really cute scene. Maybe having a kid will bring Amelia closer to Meredith? Right now, it seems that she’s closer to Maggie, but I think with both of them having kids now, these two might start bonding more.

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 1.27.56 PM.png
Image via ABC

But you know what scares me a little bit? Amelia is Derek’s sister, and there’s a chance that this kid could come out looking like a mini-Derek. (It’s possible! Caterina and Patrick could pass for siblings, and nobody can tell me otherwise.) I’m probably reading way the hell too much into it, but I’m afraid a Shepherd baby that looks anything like Derek might stir up some old grief with both of them.

I’m a firm believer in saving the best for last, which is why I’m just now getting to the fact that we basically got A CHARMED REUNION!!  Did any of you watch Charmed? If you didn’t, you should start it now. It’s spooky season, so now is the perfect time. Also, just so you guys know this about me, I named one of my Webkinz (the black cat, no less) Piper. A Webkinz. From, like, 2005. So, yeah. I was really into Charmed. This episode fed my soul.

First of all, let me just say that I am so glad this storyline took place at Pac North instead of Grey Sloan. Everything that made this little reunion so wonderful could not have happened at a top-ranked hospital.

Richard spends all this time telling them about how pointless it is to hold grudges and that they should be grateful their (apparently not-dead) sister gave them back to each other. Funny that Richard is the one telling them to stop fighting, seeing as he’s been fighting with his own wife for a nice chunk of time now. Anyway. I spent the first half of the episode waiting for something witchy to happen, and I got it! I laughed out loud with the “bad energy” and the crystals Alyssa’s character brought in.

Image via ABC

And then the most amazing moment in the episode happens. Just as Richard disconnects the vent, the dead(?) sister’s phone rings. They both think it’s her friend, but when Holly’s character answers it, guess who it is! THE NOT DEAD SISTER! I howled with laughter, you guys. I knew something weird was going to happen, but I didn’t know what it was going to be. When she answers the phone and it’s their sister on the line, I lost it. And then Alyssa’s character asks if it’s her spirit. It was almost too much for me.

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 8.21.20 AM
Image via ABC

AND THEN: “You plug her back in! Plug her back in!” That might just be my new favorite line in the series. (Just kidding, but it’s definitely up there.) I laughed over this for at least 15 minutes, you guys. I kind of giggled to myself while typing this, so I guess I’m still not over it.

Richard, on the other hand, was just totally over it at that point. At Grey Sloan, this would’ve been a huge deal. At Pac North? He became the living version of “shakin’ my head” and leaves Alex to deal with the mess. Seeing Richard work for this disaster of a hospital is so hilarious to me. And Pickens is just so good at that “dear god what is happening” face that it makes it even better. I don’t want him to go back to Grey Sloan. I’m enjoying this too much.

Other things that happened that I have less to say about for whatever reason:

  • Teddy and Owen. They’re actually kind of cute in this episode? I think part of the reason I’ve always had issues with Owen is how he treated the women he’s been with. And I think the reason he treated them kind of shitty is because they weren’t Teddy. It doesn’t make sense at all, because it’s not like Teddy was always a non-option. For whatever reason, it took him this long to get his head out of his ass and be with her, but I think maybe things are looking up for both of them? Their little hospital tour for Allison was cute as hell, also.
  • I’m still not over the fact that Tom took out a restraining order against Owen. Their little game of hospital hide-and-seek is hilarious to me.
  • I’m not looking forward to the tantrum I’m sure Owen will throw when he finds out Amelia is pregnant and happy about it.
  • Poor Levi. I just want to hug him and tell him he’ll get there. But how cute is he with Nico? I love those two.
  • DeLuca is turning into a really good teacher if you ask me. It’s fun seeing him in charge of the new interns (who I don’t think are actually interns anymore so I should stop calling them the new interns).
  • If Richard Webber cheats on Catherine Avery with Gemma I SWEAR. Also, just to put it out in the universe, every other woman he’s cheated on/left has ended up with Alzheimer’s. Let’s not keep that cycle going, Richard. Please?

I’m sure I could think of one hundred more things to say about this episode, but 3,000 words is long enough. I’ll end it there.

“We do our best to reunite the healthy cells and tissue, and if we do our jobs right, there’s another kind of reunion––the patients and their families, their loved ones, their lives. But those reunions can get tricky, too. If you had troubles before going into the OR, they won’t magically go away now that you’re healed. Some things will get better… others could get worse. Because when you let your guard down, you’re a lot more likely to go down a dangerous path.” – Meredith Grey

Look at me getting one of these out on time! See you next week!

xoxo, J


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